RIP Shauna

27 May

On Friday I made my way up to Shropshire for the beautiful woodland funeral of Shauna Crockett-Burrows. Shauna founded & edited Positive News and made ripples of change around the world. For the past 11 years, Shauna has played a mentoring role in my life – aged 13 I did my ‘work experience’ at Positive News, who were based in the same village as my grandparents.

By the end of the week Shauna was calling all her contacts and soon enough with her relentless energy had arranged a bursary for me to write each week, part time from home for Positive News. I was the first Youth Editor & Shauna supported me every step of the way.

She never tired in believing in the best in people. When I needed to move on, she sent me a beautiful card of an open gate & wished me the best. We stayed in touch and even when I was inside she set up a subscription for me and sent me sweet cards.

On release I returned to the office one time when I was visiting my grandparents and soon enough she convinced me to pick up my pen & continue to write for what I was passionate about. Not long after I was doing the permaculture page & writing my now regular column. While she could be a challenge to those working with her full time, as I dropped in only before deadlines we had a great relationship.

I’ve been blessed to have some truly inspiring, courageous & determined older women in my life, who have been fiercely dedicated to achieving social change & challenged the societal pressures placed on them as women – Shauna was a stunning example of this. I’ll never forget the time she made for me, the continuing encouragement & her role in finding my voice as a writer. Blessed be Shauna.

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