IMGP2382Welcome to the website of Nicole Vosper. I’m an anarchist organiser, agro-ecologist & designer based in Somerset in the South West of the UK.

I have the westcountry in my bones and am blessed to share a four-acre family small holding called Brook End. I never grew up with access to land and so my life is one big learning journey in how to live in relationship with the land again that we have historically and violently been displaced from.

My main interest is how to dismantle and replace industrial and animal agriculture with systems that are life-sustaining and liberatory. I learnt how to grow food in prison during a 3.5 year sentence for my role in fighting animal testing, as part of the historic campaign Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.

http://www.wildheartpermaculture.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Brook-End-GGI.jpgInside I also learnt about permaculture, horticulture, environmental science and more. It connected the dots for me between the factory farms, worker exploitation, ecological devastation and health inequalities created by our agro-industrial food system.

I am also a passionate DIY herbalist & was involved in organising the first Radical Herbalism Gathering. I grow a huge variety of medicinal plants, make messy medicines in my kitchen & try to share with others what I have learnt so far.

I use this website to share my learning pathway in completing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and my work with Gaia University. In October 2012 I graduated with a BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design. I am now working towards a MSc Political Agroecology, that focuses on how we can accelerate the speed & scale of a transition to agroecology. Gaia University is the most radical education institution on the planet & has changed my life in untold ways.

The site also provides a portfolio of my work and gives a platform to the courses, workshops, events and projects that I organise.

DSCF1802My whole life is constant learning in radical community organising as I try to work on different strategic levels with different groups of people to meet their food, shelter, energy and social needs in ecological and socially just ways, as well as resist the relentless violence of industrial civilisation & capitalism.

I helped start & work with a workers cooperative called Feed Avalon, which works towards local food resilience of Glastonbury, Street & surrounding areas. We run grassroots projects, organise courses and events, and do a ton of local community organising. I now offer the majoriy of my design services through Feed Avalon.

I strategically focus on building agroecology and food autonomy, and resisting prisons and repression. I think until struggles can become more resilient to repression, they will always be squashed by the state.

MattGuackSupportFriends2Solidarity is what propels me & I’m interested in how this manifests beyond the internet and corporate social media. I centre my organising around supporting those experiencing repression, because I don’t feel people should ever have to face it alone.

I organise against prisons because they are our wounds and some of the most harmful places on earth. I think prison abolition is a beautiful thing.

On this website you can see my learning, organising, designing, educational, research and writing work towards these goals in my life.

Oh, and I also love hardcore, kickboxing and tattoos. Probably obvious.

Please get in touch if these words speak to you: nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk