Wild Heart Permaculture is a grassroots consultancy offering down-to-earth design services for land and non-land based projects.

My passion is for creating sustainable, ethical, highly productive gardens and systems, from balconies to smallholdings, using intelligent ecological design.

About Nicole

I’m a grower, community organiser and permaculture practitioner based in Somerset in the UK. I have the westcountry in my bones and manage a four acre family small holding called Brook End.

I use this website to share my learning pathway in completing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and my work with Gaia University. In October 2012 I graduated with a BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design. Mainstream university couldn’t fit with my spirit or lifestyle & so after time with the Open University & general life experience, Gaia University was the radical antidote I had always craved. An amazing action-learning uninstitution dedication to social change.

I am now working towards a MSc Political Agroecology with Gaia U and also work as an Advisor & Blog Editor. Read more about my advising & tutoring services here.

I’ve also studied horticulture, regenerative agriculture, sustainable woodland management & more. Radical action learning has stolen my heart and you can read about my adventures here.

I am also a passionate DIY herbalist & was involved in organising the first Radical Herbalism Gathering. I grow a huge variety of medicinal plants, make messy medicines in my kitchen & try to share with others what I have learnt so far.

I have recently started an apprenticeship in Earth Based Herbal Medicine with Frances Wright of Greenlane Herbs, which should take the next 6 years, with hands-on courses with Frances & others and distance learning modules to compliment.  I will be sharing what I learn on my blog here. I knew a long time ago with my convictions & radical history I am unlikely to be a medical herbalist so am dedicating my time & energy to community herbalism work & grassroots education.

Permaculture changed by life in 2009.  Ever since I’ve been applying the principles to everything from forest gardens to friendships to try to live a more land-centred, rewilded life.

I don’t just work on lifestyle changes however, I organise. My whole life is constant learning in radical community organising as I try to work on different strategic levels with different groups of people to meet their food, shelter, energy and social needs in ecological and socially just ways, as well as resist the relentless violence of industrial civilisation & capitalism.

I currently work part time for local charity Somerset Community Food, on an access to land project and am building a network all over the county called Incredible Edible Somerset.

This Autumn a co-worker, Louise Brookes of earthfrogs.org and I have launched a community-supported social enterprise called Feed Avalon, which aims to works towards local food resilience of Glastonbury, Street & surrounding areas. Having supported food growing projects all over the county I now want to scale down and really maximise restoring the land base of my own area. We will be selling perpetual edible garden installation services, starting a People’s Kitchen, supporting people to access land and more.

My history is in organising for animal liberation, a journey which led me to prison and back and I’m now trying to integrate my passions for animal and human liberation with permaculture design and wider land use practices. Realising that how we relate to the land shapes all of our social relations, my research and work is now orientated around how we can establish ecologically and socially beneficial systems without exploitation.

I also write about what I do, what I’ve learnt & what I’ve found inspiring with Radicle Writes. I welcome commissions from editors but try to keep my unpaid writing to radical publications I support.

I’ve developed Wild Heart Permaculture as a ‘right livelihood’ so that I can support others to design the land and projects they manage to be as productive, beautiful and biodiverse as possible. For more about what I can offer, please see here.

I also love hearing from people far & wide, so please get in touch.

Why Wild Heart? Read my blog entry here.