Background Information

What is Gaia University?

Gaia University is an international organisation designed to offer higher education opportunities beyond those of traditional universities. They offer a totally unique liberatory approach.

Why choose them?

Having spent the last few years doing Open University studies and other courses, I had come to the point where I could no longer dedicate energy in my busy life to learning things which felt of little relevance, or offered not much in the way of practical application, that weren’t being seen by anyone more than my tutor than I! I wanted to spend my time learning to improve my work as a designer and an organiser and develop the skills I need to create a livelihood, be self-reliant and support my family and community.

As synchronicity would have it I heard about Gaia Uni through writing an article for Positive News about the Impermanence Project. I spent the following months researching my options in terms of time and money, had multiple interviews with advisors to make sure I was on the right path. Thankfully my previous work was not in vein – prior learning is honoured with Gaia Uni and my credit means I can complete one final year of the bachelors degree and graduate!

So what will I be learning?

Gaia Uni is based on a methodology called Action Learning and is guided by the principles of Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Share.  Within that framework, associates work on self-selected, self-directed projects anywhere in the world they choose, documenting their outcomes and learning process along the way. Throughout their program, they are supported by an international network of learning providers, advisors and mentors and a collaborative online e-learning environment.  I will be focusing on my final year of the:

BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design:

  • Integrative – to emphasise a process & direction
  • Ecosocial – ecology, land use, social & economic aspects of society
  • Design -  to ensure our work is effective, design being the basis of re-designing society

However there is no one set curriculum, you basically have the freedom to direct your own learning – the projects you want to undertake, the skills you want to gain, to live your desires and dreams, and are supported into designing these into a pathway so that you learn what you want to learn and learn what you need to make you an effective designer and organiser.

Over the next year I will be blogging about my journey as a Gaia University Associate and will be sharing my ‘outputs’, that is a succinct and relevant summary of my work, regularly with others around the world. My main advisors from Germany will also be visiting the UK soon to host some workshops, open to non-Gaia Uni students, so if you are interested, please get in touch.