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My Week at CAT, part 4, Sewage treatment

12 May

The second day of the eco sewage and sanitation course was on sewage treatment. My advice for anyone taking this course next year is, don’t get drunk the night before!! The friday night party feeling took over me and I spent the entire Saturday with a hangover, you guessed it, looking at shit (all self-inflicted […]

My week at CAT, part 3, Compost Toilets

10 May

Where are we flushing away a large amount of drinking quality water? Down the loo of course! Hence the beauty of compost toilets. Get one of those bad boys and you can really start to become more water efficient. However they are not always a possibility for many and they do have their own requirements […]

My week at CAT, part 1

18 Apr

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales to learn about rainwater harvesting and ecological sewage treatment. The courses were both fun and fascinating and I am still trying to process all the information I have gained (while trying not to spend too much of my spare time […]

Food Survey

1 Apr

If you are a Glastonbury local reading this site, please take a moment to complete the Transition Glastonbury Food Group Survey. It will help us to know which areas of work we need to be focusing on to develop a resilient local food system. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MNK97LP

The journey begins…

18 Mar

This column has recently been published in Positive News, Issue 67, Spring 2011. To subscribe please see here or pick up a copy at your local whole food store, community centre or environmental project. Almost ten years ago I wrote my first article for Positive News as a teenager on work experience. In that time, […]